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Some new soundtracks
30 January 2010

A few hours ago I was overcome by the burning desire to create an arranged version of the Boss Battle theme of Lufia 2 - so I sat down and made one. :D This track is hands down one of the greatest video game pieces ever, and I'd been humming it to myself for ages, unable to get it out of my head. This is the first time I ever refurbished a game soundtrack without using a midi or spc as a reference, so a fan of the game will probably notice some differences - also considering I allowed myself a lot of freedom regarding own elements. :) Well, I certainly hope you enjoy it!

I also added "Grass Land Map" to the soundtrack section of Kirby's Dream Land 3 and "Ebon Keep, Castle" to Secret of Evermore - I'd finished both tracks ages ago but never got around to upload them for some reason. Here they are now. :)

29 October 2009

Some of you may have noticed that this website was unavailable for a bunch of weeks - the reason for this is that I spontaneously had to switch servers, but unfortunately it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. Now everything's back up and good as new, though. Happy browsing and downloading!

Living Memory
23 September 2009

There have been moments when I doubted that this day would ever come, but it finally did! I proudly present to you Living Memory, a new Symphonic Trance track, and with 10:43 also my longest and most ambitious project to date. I am personally very satisfied with it, though of course it still has its flaws - I really had to kick myself in the butt recently so that I'd bloody stop trying to achieve perfection and work with what skills I've got. Well, that's what I did, and the result can be found in the Primary Works section, as always! :)

I really hope you'll have a good time with my latest piece, and I'd be very happy if you decided to drop a comment about it in the guestbook or send me a mail through the contact form. :) Thanks and enjoy!

Secret of Evermore strikes back
17 May 2009

I was a little bored this evening and felt like adding another item to the Secret of Evermore soundtrack. That came out of nowhere, now didn't it! :D

The track's called "Ivor Tower, East Wing", quite a melancholic and dismal piece - just the way we like our SoE. :) You can find it in the Soundtracks section, enjoy!

Return to Silent Bliss
15 February 2009

It has taken forever and then some, and this is not actually the track I have been eager to finish throughout the last year, but I finally managed to get another project done which I've been meaning to take on for quite a while. I had received mixed responses to my little piano solo venture - most complimenting the composition as such but criticizing the lack of dynamic play and the clockwork-like tempo -, so I decided to sit down and give it another shot. The result is a new version of Silent Bliss, with dozens of changes and additions, entirely new piano samples and even more meticulously selected key hit velocities. I think this is pretty much the best I can do, sans learning to actually play the piano. :)

To those of you who have been waiting for a new Trance track: Please don't be disappointed, my latest project is anything but cancelled. :) I'll get there eventually!

Progress report
19 October 2008

Just in case I haven't yet scared away interested visitors by my recent inactivity, I thought I should at least keep you posted about how I'm coming along with my music. :)

So, first of all: I'm not dead and I haven't stopped composing. Only a change in the former or the loss of my auricular capabilities could ever result in me giving up my most favourite pastime, I'm quite sure. That being said, I have been working on a new Epic Trance piece throughout the past months, and I'm more than halfway through. I'm currently struggling with the track's break, because I really want to get it right and I'm willing to spend all the time I need for it to sound the way I want. I can't offer you any sort of ETA, but I'm getting there.

So again, for those of you who're still paying a visit now and then: Stay tuned. And thanks a lot for the heartwarming mails I receive every once in a while. Those are quite the motivational ambrosia. :)

New design!
9 March 2008

It's been a while since I posted a news entry, but now there's a good reason to have one. If you're asking what it is, then I suppose you're using a text-to-speech software to read this passus out to you because you're blind. ;) I have finally taken the time to completely re-code and re-design my website, and personally I'm very happy with the result, given my limited graphics design abilities. I also have a real domain of my own now, so the new url to use is http://www.wyverns-spirit.com. The old domain will automatically redirect to the new one, as you may or may not have noticed.

The new website also offers a bunch of new "features", as for instance the contact form and the guestbook. If you want to make a little indy composer happy, you can do so by leaving a message. :)

The navigation and the info page have experienced a little overhaul as well, the latter sporting an updated introductory text and a little bad-quality photograph of myself. Be warned!

Right then, I hope you'll enjoy the new page. No idea when I'll be back with some actual music, but stuff's in development, so stay tuned!

Wyvern's Spirit on last.fm
11 December 2007

I decided to do a vital step toward world domin... err, a bit more "popularity" of course, by registering as an artist on last.fm. I uploaded all my tracks from the primary works section there, and they are now fully streamable and downloadable on the site. I don't know if it's really gonna bring more people to my music, but since it's free and all I want is simply being heard, it's well worth a try. :)

Silent Bliss
9 December 2007

I'm happy to say that it didn't even take a month for a new addition to the primary works section, this time around. Silent Bliss is a piano solo, composed by me, played by nobody. ;) I'm no good at the piano, so I tried my best to make it sound as genuine as possible with the resources I have. Hope you'll enjoy the little excursion in another direction!

Remixes of my tracks
16 November 2007

Today I uploaded six of eight old remixes other artists have created for some of my pieces ("The Serpent's Era", "Desirous of Darkness" and "Ravenfall"). They can be found at the bottom of the Primary Works page. Once I get a hold of the other two (lost them a while ago with a hard drive crash), I'll upload them as well. =)


Edit: Another one of them is up!

2nd Edit: And the last one joins the party. =)

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